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Monday, June 16, 2014

Polish Post: Ice Polish PRE-RELEASE "Cinderella" Swatches and Review


I hope everyone had a lovely Father's Day! I started mine first thing with my Dad, running a 5k at 6:30am.  Because, you know, I'm a glutton for punishment :P  In all reality, I just love running 5k's with my dad!  Sunday's run was our 4th together - he makes a great running partner, and is always encouraging me to keep going and that I am doing so well.  But most importantly, he tells me he is proud of me, and those are the best words I can hear from him :)  The rest of the day was spent with my kids and my husband, him relaxing for his day and both of us getting various chores done around the house.  Yeah, we live the high life ;)

I did have time to make a sudo-crappy light box yesterday!  I used an old diaper box and tissue paper.  It's actually not bad, and serves its purpose pretty well, I just need to invest in a whiter light.  Currently the only bulb I have for the lights I use over it are all yellow.  Oh well - it's progress!

Now, on to the polish!!

The company is called Ice Polish and she is fairly new to the indie polish making industry.  I had contacted her a few weeks back when she had called for bloggers who were interested in swatching some new colors.  Luckily for me, she decided to send 2 of her new colors to me to swatch and review!!  So, this post is going to cover one of those two colors - the other will be coming later this week :)

"Cinderella" is the name of this polish, and I have to tell you, it couldn't be more perfect.  The color is practically identical to the powder blue of Cinderella's ball gown in the original Disney version.  There are flecks of silver glitter in the polish, and in direct sunlight, there is a delicate holographic shine.  It is a very lovely polish!!  Check it out!

And here are two pics of the polish in my light box.  You can tell the light used was yellow :-/

The fact is, though, that none of these pictures will really do the polish justice.  It is one you will admire most when it is on your fingers :)  

Fun fact: all of these pictures taken of the polish on my fingernails are from today - 4 days after I put it on.  The polish has not chipped, smudged, nothing for an entire 4 days.  That's freakin' impressive.  Amazing wear time aside, the polish has a very smooth application, as well.  Did not thicken as I progressed, and is opaque after 3 coats, though I felt 4 coats rounded it out perfectly.  The polish is also 5-free!  

You would be very wise to keep your eye out for the release of this polish, and snag one while you can! I am not saying that because she asked me to swatch her polish.  I say that out of honesty.  You know how I can tell it's a good polish?  When my husband says something about it without being asked.  This polish is the first I have worn around him that prompted him to say, "Wow, I really like that color on your nails.  That is my favorite of all your polishes you have worn so far."  

Do you know how much polish I have???  ...A lot.  If I answered you with a number, I'd have to admit I have a problem.  

So, here's some info on Ice Polish so you can keep in touch and up to date:

She just released her Friday the 13th special colors "Bloody Good Day" and "7 Years Bad Luck" in her Etsy shop. Check out her FB page for a promo code to get you 13% off your order through Tuesday night.  Let her know I sent you ;)

Hope you all survived your Monday!  Watch for a polish post this week about the 2nd color Ice Polish sent me.  Any guesses as to what it is called?? :D

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