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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Polish Post: You Polish "Anchors Away" and Mermaid Decals!

You know, Tuesday kind of gets the shaft during the week.  Tuesdays don't really have a title.  Wednesday is Hump Day, Thursday is One-Day-Away-From-Friday, Friday is, well, Friday, Saturday is the First-Day-of-the-Weekend, Sunday is Church and/or Last-Day-of-the-Weekend, Monday is Sh*t-I-Have-To-Go-Back-To-Work Day, and Tuesday is...nothing.  Poor Tuesday :(  Perhaps I will make a special kind of post that I do every Tuesday, just to make it feel more special ;)

Until I figure out what that special post will be, here's another Polish Post ^_^  Today's is brought to you by the company You Polish (  Another indie company, all their polishes are DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde/Resin, and Camphour free.  Hooray!!  They also do custom polishes, monthly boxes that are collaborations with other indie polish companies or jewelry companies, nail decals and stencils, lip scrubs, and all different types of polish.  Recently, they released a Harry Potter series with a holographic color that resembles each house from Hogwarts, along with a bracelet from Penchantelle (, butterbeer lip scrub, and lightning bolt decals :D Here's a link to Gryffindor (you know, the best house ;) )  The company is just awesome, we'll leave it at that ^_^

The polish I'm reviewing from them today is called "Anchors Away" and I used a mermaid decal I purchased from them a little while back - I actually purchased decals before I purchased polish from them because I was so ecstatic to find mermaid nail decals in a color of my choosing :P  Take a look at the pics below of the polish with the decal:

The polish is a beautiful, deep navy blue with a subtle holographic effect.  There are also beautiful, larger pieces of a royal blue glitter scattered throughout that really make the color pop in the sun.  When not in direct sunlight, the holo and glitter are more understated, but the polish still looks lovely.  The application was smooth and the color was opaque after 2 coats of polish.  The decal stuck nicely to the nail, too, without popping up on the sides.

Here's the only issue I had with the mermaid decal - the first time I ever used these, I applied my Seche Vite topcoat.  This was a mistake, as the topcoat took away the rainbow holographic effect and made the decal a matte silver color instead.  Now, the decal in the picture is still covered in Seche Vite, however this time, I put another clear coat over it first as a barrier (in this case, Nicole's anti-chip overcoat).  Once that clear coat was dry, I put on the Seche Vite and everything was peachy :) So there's nothing wrong with the decal, it just doesn't get along with Seche Vite fast dry topcoat apparently.  Keep that in mind when you purchase and use the decals from You Polish.

Overall, great polish, great brand, great products!! I look forward to purchasing more from them in the future, and encourage you to do the same!! Here's a link to their Facebook page:  Head on over, give them a "like," and let them know MomMrsAndMe sent you :)

I suppose I should get back to reality now.  It's oddly quiet in the playroom where my kids are, and that is pretty much never a good thing...


  1. What a great color! Glad to hear the application is smooth even though it has glitter pieces in it. How fast does it ship?

    1. Ships pretty quick! Took about a week from ordering it to get to me, though I did order it over the weekend so it processed and shipped out that Monday. They certainly don't drag their feet! :D