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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Polish Post: Colors by Llarowe PRE-RELEASE Summer Colors "Connie's Nosy Neighbor" and "Holiday Road"

Phew, what a mouthful of a title!  I opted to leave out "pics and review" - figured it's pretty much understood at this point ;)

So if you are following my Facebook page (which you totally should, because I am having an awesome giveaway when I reach 100 "likes"! Here's the link: ) then you saw my post earlier of the many bottles of CbL's Summer colors that came in this week.  I pre-ordered 10 polishes, and let me tell you, it was tough picking which one I was going to try on first!  They are all gorgeous!  I decided on two colors that I knew would look great together - "Connie's Nosy Neighbor" (the purple) and "Holiday Road" (the bright green.)  Check out the pics below:

This is what the polish looks like indoors out of direct sunlight

I will be wearing Holiday Road again soon, so I can get better shots of that polish.  There is a beautiful hot pink/reddish sparkly shine to it in the sun that my pictures did not capture this time around.

These two polishes are thicker when applying because they are jelly based, which means they also take a little bit longer to totally dry.  Four coats should make the polish opaque - I stopped at 3. While they are thick, application is still smooth and not streaky or goopy, which was really nice.  The polish dried with a matte and somewhat textured finish, but if you want something more shiny, just add a nice topcoat (as I did in the pictures above).  The wear time is great, as per the norm with CbL polishes - these pics are after 2 days with no chipping or smudges.  The colors are just brilliant, and truth be told no camera is going to really capture the beauty.  And as always, the colors are 5-free and cruelty-free :)  Overall, I am a very satisfied customer!

I am not sure when their Summer collection is going to be officially released, but you can find the colors at the link below:

Follow their Facebook page, too, to get updates on the Summer Collection release date:

On their store website, you can add the summer colors to your wishlist and once they are available, you can add them straight to your cart from your list.  Makes it a lot more convenient then hunting down each individual one once they release.  Head on over their and check out all their summer colors!  I have 8 more still, though I'm not sure I will get them all swatched in time before they release.  We'll see :)

Have a great Friday tomorrow, and a fabulous weekend!  Any exciting plans?

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