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Monday, June 2, 2014

Polish Post: Different Dimensions "Tulips Are Better Than One" Pics and Review

Happy Monday!! (Is there such a thing?)  I hope you all had a lovely weekend :) Mine was full of chores, errands, and visits to the Humane Society.  They were hosting a special event this weekend where all adoptions were free, so we went to check out the pooches.  Didn't click with any of the animals, so no critters came home with us, but it was wonderful to see all the empty cages that were once full! Glad so many animals found furrever homes ^_^

I did have time to paint my nails in another indie color, this time by Different Dimensions, in a shade called "Tulips Are Better Than One."  The first time I saw this color was when Llarowe made it their cover photo on their facebook page, and I knew I had to have it!! It is just stunning!! If you are a fan of blues and purples, you will love this color!  Here are some photos below - the first three are taken outdoors in direct sunlight, the second two are taken indoors:

I want to mention real quick that when I take and edit pictures, I do not mess with the color.  The only thing i will do is crop and add my watermark.  I want my pictures to represent the color in its true form.  There's nothing more irritating to me than purchasing a polish based on a swatch only to have it arrive and look *nothing* like the picture.

This polish is quite eye-catching!  Color aside, application was very smooth, too.  This color takes a few coats to make it opaque.  In the photos of my nails in sunlight, you can still see the whites of my nail at certain angles.  I had put on 3 coats of polish inside and thought that was enough.  It would probably take more like 4-5 coats.  It still looks great, though :)

This is the first and only polish I own by Different Dimensions, and I've already been perusing her website ( and making a wishlist of more!  All of her polishes are 3-free (no Dibutyl Phthalate, Formaldehyde, or Toluene), and she's got a very wide variety of different types!  Here's her facebook page so you can keep an eye out for new releases, and giveaways!  Head on over, give her a "like" and please leave her a comment letting her know Mom Mrs and Me sent you ;)

That is all for this post - I am going to attempt to do two more this week for you :)  Hope everyone survives their Monday!


  1. You gotta love that Different Dimension!! *happy sigh* She makes the BEST polishes <3

    1. She really does! I can't wait to order more! :D

  2. Wow! Love love love that color. ...I can see I'll be checking out Different Dimensions website very soon :)