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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Polish Post: Sneak Peak at an Above The Curve Prototype! & Scoliosis Awareness Month

It was a very long and tough week for both the Hubs and I.  My kids have unleashed their energy - and attitudes - full force.  My youngest has decided that his banshee screech would now be his most common form of communication.  Ibuprofin is my new best friend :P

Anyway... Did you know that June is Scoliosis Awareness Month?  How familiar are you with scoliosis?  I was not in the least familiar with it beyond the fact I knew it meant a curved spine.  After getting more involved with Above The Curve nail polish and their company, I learned much more about it.  I am not a doctor or a medical professional, so I will not attempt to give you straight-up facts but will instead provide you with a very informative and reliable link full of information from the Scoliosis Research Society - .  I strongly encourage you to click on that link and familiarize yourself with this condition.  It is way more common than you'd think, and can be extremely painful, even life-threatening.  Learning about it, and learning to recognize the signs of it, can save lives :)

A few weeks ago, in honor of Scoliosis Awareness Month, Above The Curve Nail Polish group (Above The Curve Angels) held a nail art contest.  Here was my entry:

 Two curved spines combined to make the shape of a heart
Scoliosis Awareness Ribbon (though I got a bit dyslexic and put the white squigglies on the wrong side >.<) 

The designs I submitted won, and my prize was two polishes of my choosing!  The first I chose was one from their Doctor Who themed polishes called "Donna" (swatch and review later down the road) and the other was a black prototype they had not released yet.  When the polishes arrived, Donna was just beautiful, but the polish that really struck me was the Prototype!  The first word that came to mind to describe it is "hematite."  You know how hematite is black, but shiny, like gunmetal?  That's how this polish looks, but with a little more glitter and holo :D  I just love it!!  Here are some indoor and outdoor photos:

It is a much more subtle, dark grey/purple indoors, but once you step into the sunlight, BAM!  Holographic central!! When applying, I found 3 coats did the trick to make it fully opaque, and each coat went on very smoothly with no bubbling, streaks, or goop.  It's an awesome polish, and I cannot wait to see if they release it!!  I sure hope they do - you all would love this polish ;)

I'm done gabbing for now.  The hubs and I are having a belated anniversary date this afternoon, so I need to go doll myself up :P  Hope you all enjoy your weekend!!!

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