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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Polish Post: Dance Legend "541" and Starlight Polish "Dragon" Pics and Review

Hello you lovely people!  I hope you had a terrific weekend :)  I had a very pleasant birthday yesterday spent with my family ^_^  I experimented with a new nail design I had never attempted before and it actually turned out pretty well!  I will be taking fancy photos today and posting tomorrow.  For now, you will just have to make due with a post of "Dragon" by Starlight Polish, and a brilliant color from Dance Legend's Confetti collection - 541.  Not sure why there are no specific names for some of the Dance Legend polishes - they are all numbered (at least on Llarowe's site where I purchase this brand), some with a name, some just the collection name.  Eh.
Outdoors in direct sunlight

Outdoors out of sunlight


Let's start with Dance Legend!  This polish is the first I have purchased of this brand.  I had seen a swatch of this color by The Girlie Tomboy and knew I needed it.  I am a huge fan of neons, especially in the summer.  I don't usually wear them on my fingers, I actually tend to wear them on my toesies instead.  However I was inspired to wear this polish as a manicure because it is just such a lovely neon green!!  Application was nice and smooth.  Since this is a creme color, it was a little thicker to apply, and a little streaky on the first coat.  It only took one more coat to be opaque, though, and no streaks showed through at all.  This polish also did not chip in the 3 days I had it on, so I would say it has a very good wear time.  

The topcoat is a beautiful, sparkly color called Dragon by Starlight Polish.  The company had a small sample set of 3 different sparkly topcoats that I decided to purchase and give a try.  I'm glad I did, because so far, the polish is beautiful!  Dragon is the first of the three I have used so far.  It has a gorgeous green sheen to it in the sunlight and an orange sparkle out of direct sunlight.  It is very thin, but one coat was all I needed over 541 to give it a slight sparkle.  The glitter pieces are so small in the polish that a little bit goes a long way.  Because it is so thin, if you wanted to wear only that color, I'd imagine it would take a good 4-5 coats (or more) to get it completely opaque.  I would suggest purchasing the full size bottle if you go that route, since these bottles are so small you would use up all the polish on one hand.

You can purchase Dance Legend "541" here.  It's on the lower end of the price scale for indie polishes at $9.  You can find Starlight Polish's "Dragon" here and you can follow them on Facebook here.  Give them a "like" and let them know I sent you ;)

You can find my personal Facebook page here.  Head on over and give me a "like" if you haven't already - I am having a giveaway once I reach 100 fans, and I'm nearly halfway there! 

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your Sunday!  I'll see you tomorrow with a special Birthday Mani post :)

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