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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Polish Post: Ruby Wing "Eternal" and "Desert Valley" Pictures and Review

Yesterday, I fulfilled a little girl wish of mine - I adopted a bunny from the Humane Society ^_^  I've wanted a bunny of my own every since my old roommate/best friend had one that she received for Christmas.  Her bunny's name was Buttercup and she was darling!  Really sweet little thing :)  Since then I'd harbored an affection for one, myself, but wanted to look at rescue shelters, particularly around Easter time when people buy bunnies for loved ones only to find out that wasn't such a great Easter gift after all.  This year, we finally live somewhere we can host a bunny ^_^  Adopting one hadn't been prevalent on my mind lately, but after the Humane Society recently held an event over the weekend that I had spoken about in the last post, I had kept my eyes open for one.  Well yesterday I found her!  She came home with me the day she arrived at one of the Humane Society's Petique stores, and while she's still a bit shy to the touch, she is adjusting very well and is not hiding anymore :)  She's caught the attention of both my cats and my dog, though, who have hardly let her out of their sight since she came home yesterday :P

Alright, enough gushing over my new cute critter :D  On to polish!!

A few weeks ago I had ordered two polishes by the brand Ruby Wing from Llarowe.  Ruby Wing has polishes that change color in direct sunlight, which I thought was pretty neato and had wanted to try out.  The colors I ordered are called "Eternal" (a solid turquoise) and "Desert Valley" (a tan gel based fleck glitter).  They both were supposed to turn a darker purple color when in the sun.  Here are pictures below of the colors inside then outside:

As you can see, the colors did indeed change!  "Eternal" was a little more like a grey/purple, and "Desert Valley" was definitely a dark purple - looks much better in person than my photos could capture.  The change in color was almost instant!  Really cool!  Color aside, the application was smooth.  The polish is a little thicker, so I wouldn't recommend applying it anywhere there is excessive heat or any kind of breeze/blowing air.  It only took 2 coats for complete opacity for "Eternal" - not sure how many it would take for "Desert Valley" since I used it as a topper in this case.

The only caution I would give is if you are using a topcoat, make sure you cover the entire surface you painted with polish.  I did not do that, as you can see on my thumb in the last photo.  It is obvious where my topcoat sits :P  Other than that, Ruby Wing polish is awesome!

Here is their Facebook page: (head on over, give them a "like" and please let them know Mom Mrs. and Me sent you!) and their website:  You can also find more polishes by this brand on Llarowe's website ( just in case they are out of a color you really want.  I highly recommend checking them out and buying a bottle or two to test out yourself!  Lots of fun combinations to try!

That is all for now!  Today is my 4 year anniversary with my Hubby ^_^ Can't believe it's already been 4 years (and 2 kids!) together!  I'm looking forward to the many, many more anniversaries we will celebrate <3  For now, though, since it is a weekday and I cannot book my free babysitters (a.k.a. the Grandparents :P ) until the weekend, we will have to settle for dinner with my parents and the kids.  Not too shabby a way to spend the evening!

See all you lovely people soon!  Don't forget to "like" my Facebook page ( if you haven't already!  I'm having a giveaway once I reach 100 fans :D

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