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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Polish Post: Model City Polish "Hanging On A Vine" Pics and Review

I sure am glad today is mostly over and tomorrow is FRIDAY!!  Even more importantly, Sunday is Father's Day!!!  My Dad and I are celebrating by running a 5k first thing in the morning - and when I say "first thing" I really mean it.  The race begins at 6:30 in the AM, because out here in the desert, it feels like we live on the surface of the sun during summer months by about 9 in the morning, so you get everything productive done before then, and hermit yourself the rest of the day in your nice, cool house/work office.  Phoenix is the first place I have lived where I have to cool down my car for 5 minutes before driving anywhere - and I park it in the garage O_o

In celebration of the almost-weekend, how about another polish post?? :D  Today's subject: "Hanging On A Vine" by Model City Polish (  I just LOVE this polish.  LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  A few weeks back was the 2 year birthday of MCP, so she celebrated by having 40% off her polishes.  I took advantage of this sale and bought a few polishes that looked right up my alley (these were also the first purchase I made from her).  One of those colors was "Hanging On A Vine" - a beautiful sage green with a light holographic hue.  Take a look at the pictures below of the color on my nails:

Green has always been one of my favorite colors, and I'm sure it is apparent by now how much I love holographic polish ;)  So it is no wonder why I love this product!  The polish ingredients are listed individually with each color she sells, so you know what is in it and, most importantly, what is not (like formaldehyde and the likes). This polish dries to a satin finish, but I added a topcoat because I felt the gloss enhanced everything nicely.  The color is calming, and the holo effect is not overwhelming and does not take away from the sage green.  The application was smooth with no gooping or streaking, and while the polish was opaque at 2 coats, I added one more because I felt it needed it.  After applying the polish yesterday afternoon, it survived an archery lesson last night and cleaning chemicals today without the tips wearing down or chipping.  I actually took the pictures above about an hour before writing this post this afternoon!  That fact alone tells me this is a fantastic product!

Not to mention when she sent the polishes to me, they came in an adorable black sheer tote with a lollipop and a free mini crystal nail file!  I'm not sure if she sends her products that way every time, or if it was just because of the occasion, but I will find out soon when I receive the second order I placed with her yesterday ^_^

Keep Model City Polish on your list of sellers because her products really are great!  Besides polish, she also sells crystal nail files and cuticle oils.  I ordered a cuticle oil in my last order, too, so I will have that in my next MCP review, as well :)  Here are some links for you of where you can find her products to purchase, and of her facebook page (as always, please head on over, give her a "like" and let her know MomMrsAndMe sent you!)

Hope you all survive the rest of your week - it's almost over!!  :D

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