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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Toesies I Knowsies

Remember a few posts ago when I had said poor Tuesday doesn't really have a title?  Well, guys, I found one for it - TOES!!!!  Toesie toesie toes toes!!!  I rarely if ever see any kind of blog post with super cute pedicures.  It is probably most likely due to the world's general aversion to bare feet.  I've known a few people who hate feet and the idea of doing anything with feet because they are "gross."  While I agree that yes, there are some gnarly feet out there, I disagree that we should just avoid feet and toes altogether.


I'm gonna do a "Toesies I Knowsies" post every Tuesday of a cute pedicure, I will even model it on my own feet.  The fact is nobody has super beautiful feet - I mean come on, we shove them in socks and shoes and are walking around on them all day.  Hard knock life.  So I'm going to show you my feet!  No shame!  And you can either cringe if you'd like, or you can admire the cute pedicure :)  

So, without further ado, here is the first Toesie Tuesday Pedi!  I used two of I Love Nail Polish's new summer colors - "Purple Plasma" and "Rehab."  These colors are lovely!! They look great in the sunlight when wearing something open-toed, especially flip-flops.  Check them out:

Fully opaque after 2 coats, smooth application, and the polish dried pretty quickly without a quick-dry topcoat.  I love the light holographic sheen to these two colors!  They are just gorgeous!!

I used a dotting tool for the little dots on each toe.  It is a cute, subtle design that helps accentuate how complementary the colors are together, though the turquoise dots did not stand out as much over the dark purple.  

Hope you enjoyed this introductory Toesie Tuesday post!  Watch for another one next Tuesday :)

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