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Friday, August 29, 2014

Polish Post: Finger Lickin' Lacquer "Love You," "Octopus," and "Here I Go" Swatches and Review

As Rebecca Black would say - It's Friiiiiiday!!!  TGIF!!  And for those of you celebrating Labor Day, happy 3-day weekend!!  Gotta love those :)

On this lovely Friday I have a fruity post for you!  I'll be showing you three polishes from Finger Lickin' Lacquer's Washed Out Neons collection.  I received a special discount code from this maker for purchasing her product, and wanted some of her new neons to be the first purchase, because I just love their color!!

So without further ado, here is "Love You:"

Because these faded neons look the same in and outdoors, I only took indoor photos for you :)

Love You is a creamy pink that smells like a strawberry daiquiri.  These neons have a very thin formula, and therefore require a few more layers to get it to its best color.  I wore 3 coats of Love You over a solid white base.  If you try to wear these without any sort of solid base coat, you will not achieve opacity - or you will after about 20 or so coats, not too sure :P  But you can do other artsy things with it, like "jelly sandwiches" and "watercolor" nail art.

Considering how many layers I had on, the polish dried fairly quickly.  I was able to put on cuticle oil and rub it in without doing damage to the polish about 15 minutes after applying it.  It was dry to the touch in less than five, but still affected by pressure.  It dried to a nice shiny finish, requiring no top coat.  I did want to note that if you choose to use a topcoat, from my experience, you won't lose the scent of the polish.  I know - crazy!  But I have used 3 different types of topcoats in the past over scented polishes, and the smell always comes through.  Sweet deal, if you ask me ^_^

Next up is "Octopus:"

Octopus has a wonderful grape smell to it, and took 4 coats to achieve the proper color (again, over a white base).  Everything else was the same as Love You - even the dry time despite an extra coat!

The final color I have for you is called "Here I Go:"

Here I Go is my favorite of the three - I just love the baby blue color!!  This polish has a sweet fruit punch scent (sorry I had no fruit punch, but I'm sure green grapes are in it, right? :P ) and also took 4 coats to match the color in the bottle.  Everything is the same as the others, too :)  

There are six washed out neons in total.  I wanted to mention that if you wish to have these, but don't want the scent, you can order them unscented!  She offers that option with all polishes that have a scent, it's pretty great!  

Here are some links for you:

Website: Here

Shop: Here

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Hope you enjoyed this post, and have a wonderful Friday and weekend!  Don't forget today is You-Pick-My-Art on my Facebook Page!  I will be posting the options for vote around 10am PST.  See you all very soon <3

*Note: While I did receive a special discount code for purchasing product from this maker, links I provide are NOT affiliate - i.e., I get no kickback when you click on them through my post.  I have simply provided them for your convenience :)

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