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Monday, August 4, 2014

It Only Takes a Moment

I would have loved to put more detail into these nails, but truth be told, I simply ran out of time this weekend :(  Saturday I felt like I was barely home because I was out and about running errands all day, and Sunday was the husband's birthday.  By the time I sat down last night to get started, it was already 7pm.  So, that being said, here is how my You-Pick-My-Art Wall-E themed nails turned out:

I had grand plans to put Mo on my pinky nail and the Axiom on my thumb, but after spending 4 hours on Wall-E, Eve, and the Directive, I decided to call it and head to bed.  The design turned out decently well, though it is definitely not one of my best. I found it very challenging to translate a beautifully done computer-animated character to my nails using acrylic paint.  Wall-E was particularly tough because of all his machinery and the different tones and textures.  I'm still not too thrilled with how he turned out.

But, as I have always said about my art so far - not bad for a first attempt, especially considering I have only recently discovered the art of painting on my nails with acrylic paint.  :)

Thanks for participating in last Friday's You-Pick-My-Art!  What do you want to see for this Friday's theme?


  1. Oh so cute! I envy you nail artists. The best I can do is add some glitter to an accent nail ;)

    1. Well thank you! I'm glad you like them! And I tell everyone the same thing - you could *totally* do something like this with practice. You should have seen my nail art attempts a few years ago - embarrassing stuff ! And I recommend practicing with acrylic paint, it is a very forgiving medium, especially over nail polish :)