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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fight For Light and Live

Going to get a little heavy and talk about something more serious today than my usual jovial posts.

As you most likely know, the world lost a wonderful person last week - Mr. Robin Williams.  Now that everything is past speculation, it's known that he died by suicide stemmed from a very bad bout of depression.  We also know he had been at the very beginnings of Parkinson's Disease, but had not gone public with that information before he died.

I am always so sad when I hear stories of great people, famous or not, committing suicide.  It is truly terrible that anyone should feel their life is not worth living anymore.  Every life is important, every life makes a difference.  Depression is such an ugly thing, and can really warp a person's mind to see only the negative.  In Robin Williams' case, he was only thinking about all the dark things, instead of recognizing the huge amount of good he put out in this world.  Millions of people loved him, millions of peoples' lives were affected positively by him and all the good deeds he had done.  He was unable to focus on that, and it cost him his life.

Suicide is never an option.  It shouldn't even be on the drawing board for "Ways to Fix My Problems."  However, it is much easier to say that when you are not suffering from depression.  It really is a terrible, ugly monster that feeds into everything dark to suffocate the light.  BUT, it CAN be defeated.  You CAN overcome this nasty thing, whether you are battling it yourself, or know someone who is fighting it.  I should know, I'm living proof.

There was a rough period of 2 years of my life when I sank into a depression and rarely came out of it.  I've got a scar for each particularly dark moment (and there are quite a few).  And I'll admit, there were several times I thought about, planned, and almost followed through in taking my own life.  Clearly, I never followed through, or I wouldn't be typing to you right now :)  How did I overcome it?  Strength through the love of my family.

My parents were a constant source of light, even when I treated them like crap during those 2 years.  My family never left my side, still loved me, still cared.  That is what got me through it.  I also cut out the negative people in my life that were feeding that depression and my negative thoughts.  Basically, I fought, and that's what kept me alive.  I realize it is not that easy for everyone, and depression is so much stronger in some than others.  That is why I support organizations like Suicide Awareness Voices of Education.

By clicking on that link, you'll be taken to SAVE's website where there's an abundance of resources not just for those suffering depression, but for those who know someone suffering it, or feeling suicidal.  Lots of very useful information.

Back to Mr. Williams - his death has sparked a wave of Depression Awareness.  That wave is also affecting the indie nail polish business, if you can believe it.  Lots of makers are coming out with tribute polishes to Robin Williams and donating a portion of, or the entire profit to organizations fighting depression and suicide.  Today, I want to feature one such company, because I feel what she did was absolutely amazing.

The company is called Liquid Sky Lacquer.  She created a Robin Williams Tribute Trio and donated 100% of the profits (split 50/50) to Families for Depression Awareness and National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.  I was and still am blown away by that amazing generosity.  I jumped on that bandwagon and sat on the refresh button the day that trio collection went live.  All trio sets sold out in a matter of minutes.  When all was said and done, $1,950.20 was raised in total!  That is so incredible!!!

I have some swatch photos I took of the trio after I received it yesterday.  I will not be "reviewing" them, just showing you what they look like.  The first is called "O Captain! My Captain," a nod to Dead Poets Society:

Next up is in reference to Flubber and is called, "I <3 You With Every Cell, Every Atom":

And lastly is the polish I have a hard time saying without tearing up - "Genie, You're Free!"

All these polishes are creative and fun, and I'm showing them to you because this Saturday, Liquid Sky Lacquer is re-stocking the trios on her website, again donating 100% of profits to those two charities mentioned above.  The price is $25 for the trio (and you CAN buy them individually), and the restock is set for 2PM Pacific Standard Time.  I highly encourage you to at least check it out, and if you cannot buy all, maybe buy one.  If you cannot buy any, spread the word!

Alright, I'm all done getting serious with you :)  This issue is just very personal for me, and I really felt it needed to be addressed.  I hope you all have a wonderful day!!  Enjoy every minute, hug someone (anyone - everyone needs a good hug now and then), love your life :)

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