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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Polish Post: LynBDesigns "In Charge of Fun," "However, Whatever, Whenever," "Fangirl," and "Teal the Cows Come Home" Swatches and Review

I think that is the longest post title I have written yet!  Phew!

Today I have 4 beautiful polishes to share with you by the indie brand LynBDesigns.  Let's start with "In Charge of Fun:"



In Charge of Fun is part of her "Meet Me at the Abbey" Downton Abbey collection.  It is a pretty light green with a pink/orange shimmer that really stands out in the sunlight.  The polish has a bit of a thicker formula, and seems to have a very slight texture as well that, at some angles, looks like it could be tiny bubbles.  Because the formula is a little thicker, you also need to make sure you wait for each coat to dry before adding another or it will drag the polish underneath.  I used 3 coats in the photos above, and a clear topcoat to bring out the shimmer.  Wear time is pretty great!  This polish lasted about 2 days before I started to see a slight wear at the fingertips, but no chipping the full 3 days I had it on.  Despite its thick formula, this is a good polish!  I would recommend even trying it as a topper, since it is thin enough - may look pretty awesome as a topcoat over a dark green :)

Next up is "However, Whatever, Whenever," another polish from her Downton Abbey collection:



However, Whatever, Whenever is my second favorite of this bunch.  It is a gunmetal color that is a beautiful linear holographic color in the sunlight.  The formula wasn't as thick as In Charge of Fun, so it was a bit easier to work with.  Two coats brought it to complete opacity, with a clear topcoat to add a nice shine to it.  Wear time is the same as In Charge of Fun.  If you dig dark silvery holographic polishes, this one is right up your Alley (see what I did there?).

Moving on, we have "Fangirl" from her "The Doctor Is In" collection:



Fangirl is such a lovely light pink color with a pearlescent-blue/teal shimmer.  The description on her site makes the polish to be something a bit more colorful than what the polish looks like to me in person.  I don't mind because I really like the color I got, but if you are buying based on the store description, I feel it is a lot less colorful than it is made out to be.  Regarding formula, this polish seems to have the same type as In Charge of Fun - a bit on the thick side, needs to be completely dry in between coats, and slightly textured.  I used 3 coats in the pictures above with a top coat for added shine.  Wear time was great - I went 3 days without noticing any damage.  Overall, it is a very cute color and a nice polish!

Last, but certainly not least, is a Limited Edition polish called, "Teal the Cows Come Home:"

Oh. My. GOSH!!!  Teal the Cows Come Home is gorgeous!!!  This polish was my absolute favorite of the bunch - and it was a freebie!  I received it as a bonus for purchasing 3 full-size polishes.  This polish is a beautiful metallic teal color with a scattered holographic effect in direct sunlight.  The formula is a little thin.  I used 3 coats in the photos with one clear topcoat, since the polish dries semi-matte and I wanted that holo to really stand out.  Application is smooth as pudding, and I noticed worn tips at the end of day 2, so wear time is decent (keep in mine, I am a mom of two toddlers, so I'm using my hands a lot during the day, affecting the wear of my polish).  Teal the Cows Come Home is a must-have!!!  And the best part?  It's a mere $6 on her site right now!  I suggest you snag one up before this limited edition is no-more.

Overall I'd say these polishes are pretty good.  The brand is not one of the best I've had, but it is far from the worst.  Her prices are very reasonable, making it worth picking up a few polishes from her (make sure one of those is Teal the Cows Come Home - seriously, beautiful color!).  Here are some linkages for you:

Facebook: Here

Website: Here

Instagram: Here

That's about it for today - tomorrow is another You-Pick-My-Art, so stay tuned to my Facebook Page to see what's up for voting!  Have a great Thursday!

*Note: Links I provide in my posts are not affiliate (i.e. I do not get any sort of "kickback" when you click on them from my post).  I simply have them here for your convenience and ease of finding the product I am featuring :)

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