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Friday, August 1, 2014

Polish Post: Starrily's "Eclipse" and "Milky Way" Swatches and Review

TGIF!  I hope you all have some exciting plans this weekend, whether it be going out and doing something new, or just chillaxin' at home (that's pretty darn exciting, too, especially if you are a stay at home parent like me).

I have a short and sweet polish post for you today reviewing two polishes from the brand Starrily.  The first of these polishes is called Eclipse:



Eclipse is *technically* a holo topper, and I knew that when buying it.  I wanted to see it on its own, however, topping my natural nails :D  It's really beautiful!  It is definitely thin enough that it could be a holo topper without smothering the color of the polish underneath.  It looks great on its own, too, as seen in my photos above.  I am wearing 4 coats with no top coat.  Application was smooth, as is expected with toppers, and did not goop or drag the polish underneath with each added layer.

The other color is called Milky Way.  Take a look:



Milky Way is a lot more dark purple than its picture looks online, which is not a bad thing in this case!  Outdoors, the colors is just stunning and really pops - definitely reminiscent of the Milky Way at night.  Indoors is it a nice sparkly purple.  This polish is a little thicker and only took 2 coats to achieve opacity.  Dried fairly quickly, too!  I did not have this polish on too long, so I cannot give you a good estimate of wear time.

So far, the polishes I have ordered from Starrily are really nice!  I have a few others I will be featuring later on that are glitters.  For the first time in my indie polish experience, I did, however, come across a few issues.  Recently, I know they have been going through some site changes, new boxes and such, and as most indie companies, new colors!  Big changes can always put a company a little behind.  However I was a bit disappointed in the customer service department.

The very first order I placed with Starrily, a little box at checkout popped up on the screen saying, "Add (insert item here) to your cart for only (x amount of money) more!" I added the item recommended, and proceeded to checkout and pay.  The next day, I received an email from paypal letting me know I was refunded for that add-on item.  I never received an email from the company explaining that it was taken out of my order and why it was removed.  I thought that was a bit odd, and I did not appreciate that I didn't at least get some sort of explanation.  I did not let it stop me from placing future orders, but I did keep in the back of my mind that perhaps I should not order any add-ons anymore.

The second issue I had was with shipping confirmation.  I had placed two separate orders, and had received an email alerting me one of those orders had shipped.  As soon as it arrived, it turned out to be the other order that was shipped.  I contacted Starrily to see if the other order was still processing, or if it had been marked "shipped" and then lost.  The next day I got a very curt, unfeeling response that the polishes that were not sent were pre-orders, and that is why they were not shipped yet.  I received no explanation or apology for the mix-up, or any sort of friendly tone in the email.

To play devil's advocate, it is very hard to convey tone virtually.  However, there are ways you can phrase things to sound less cold and unfeeling and more "I-care-about-you-customer!"  Then again, all the jobs I've had in the past were customer-service based, so I am of the frame of mind that you should always be overly nice and never curt.  If anything, OVER explain something.  You don't usually lose business because you are too nice to your customers.  That is just my experience, though.

Customer service aside, if you are looking for some amazing glittery polishes, Starrily is the place to go!  Here are some links for you of their social media and their website:

Facebook: Here

Instagram: Here

Website: Here

That's all for today!  Sorry to get the post to you so late - my munchkins have been dragging me all over the house today to read, play with trains, race cars, and keep them from hurting each other :P  Can be frustrating sometimes, but really, it's great to spend time with them while they still want to play with their Mommy :)

Don't forget that today is another You-Pick-My-Art!  The theme for this weekend is Pixar, so head on over to my Facebook Page and "like" the photo you want to see me create a design around!  Have a great Friday!!

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