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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Press Release: Kitty Polish "The Cat's Meow" August Subscription Review


Happy Weekend!

Today I have a post for you reviewing a monthly subscription box from the indie brand Kitty Polish!  Let's dive right in!

Kitty Polish was founded last December and she has some really pretty polishes!  One product she also offers is a monthly subscription called The Cat's Meow.  In this subscription are 2 full size bottles of polish, nail vinyls, and embellishments for $20 a month, and that includes shipping.  If you are not up to making a monthly commitment, she offers a one-time purchase of that current month's box for $25 (shipping included).  I think that is pretty awesome, and something you don't see much of when it comes to subscription packages!

The discount I received was for a one-time purchase of August's Cat's Meow package.  I received it in the mail earlier this week, and was very excited to get started using all the goodies inside!  Here are the products I received:

Left to Right: "#TBT," "Amazeballs," Loose Glitter, "Ocean Mist" scented topcoat, and Nail Vinyls

I have decided to format my Press Releases differently than my Polish Posts.  I will show you pictures of what I did using the items from the package, and offer you the Up's and Down's of the products.  That being said, here are photos of the nail design I created using the polishes and the glitter, but not the vinyls.

The purple color, "Amazeballs," is on all my fingers except the pointer, which is "#TBT."  I hand painted the company's logo on my pointer finger using acrylic paints, and I glued pieces of the loose glitter on my pinky nail.  I just love how complementary these two polishes are together!

The Ups:  Application was very easy and smooth.  I am wearing two coats of Amazeballs (three should make it completely opaque) and three coats of #TBT, and I experienced no bubbling or thickening with each added layer.  The polishes dried fairly quickly, too, both to a nice shiny finish.  The wear time is great, too!  Going on day 4 with no signs of chipping or tip wear yet.  The scented topcoat smells really good, and also adds a nice shine on top of the polish (though the polish doesn't really need the extra shine!).  The loose glitter was easy to work with, and added a very cute touch to the design. 

The Downs:  The biggest upset with the package was the vinyls.  They arrived somewhat damaged (some of them had partially come off the paper and stuck to themselves) due to the fact it was in thinner and more malleable packaging, and USPS gives no care for packages and just shoves them and tosses them around wherever they want.  Damage aside, I personally found the decals a bit small for their design, and hard to do anything with them that would not look weird.  I do, however, have very long fingernails, and would say that the decals would look much better on someone with shorter nails. It is more of a personal preference with the vinyls more than it is a problem with them.  Also, while the topcoat smelled fabulous, the scent did not stick around too long.  It was gone by day 2, unfortunately.  

Overall: The value of the subscription is worth the money you spend.  The polishes are beautiful and of great quality, and the topcoat (even though it does not last as long as I'd hoped) smells amazing!  If you are unsure of committing, I would definitely recommend trying the $25 package route to get a feel for the products first.

Here are some social media links for you, as well as a shop link for Kitty Polish:

Facebook: Here

Instagram: Here

Website: Here

Head on over to her page, give her a "like," and let her know who sent you ;)  Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!  See you Monday with the latest You-Pick-My-Art design!

*Note: While I was given a coupon code to purchase and review the Cat's Meow subscription package, links I provide in this post are NOT affiliate (i.e. I do not get any kickback when you click on them through this post).  I simply provide them for your convenience.

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