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Monday, August 11, 2014

Polish Post: Emerald & Ash "Cherenkov Radiation Oops" Swatches, Review, and Nail Art

Usually I am just as big a fan of Mondays as everyone else, but today, I'm actually happy it is here!  My brother in law is visiting for just under a week, and he hasn't seen his two nephews for about 2 years :D  I am looking forward to my kids spending time with their Uncle - he's a pretty fun guy!

Today, I have the Avengers Minions nail art from last Friday's You-Pick-My-Art, but first I want to share with you some swatches of the background color I used.  The polish is by Emerald & Ash and is actually an "oops" color - it pulled a little more blue than the company intended.  It is called "Cherenkov Radiation Oops" - check it out!



I have never been happier for a company to "oops" as I have with this polish!  I did not expect the incredibly vibrant blue I received when I ordered it!  The deep blue has a lovely subtle scattered holo in the sunlight.  It dries a bit flat, so if you want that holo to pop and the polish to shine, just add a nice topcoat, as I have in the photos above.  I used 2 coats, though you can still make out the whites of my nails in the sun.  Three coats ought to bring the polish to full opacity.  The formula is a little on the thick side, as well, so be easy with each added layer, and make sure each is dry before adding another.  This polish wears well, and shows no signs of damage or worn tips till about day 3.

The Emerald & Ash website is showing the Cherenkov Radiation Oops is still available - could be one bottle, could be a few.  If you want this beauty, get it now!

Alright, the moment you've all been waiting for, and the art that took four and a half hours of my life yesterday (totally worth it!): The Avengers Minions - saving the world one banana at a time!

The Back Widow got cropped due to lack of space - she's not really my favorite anyway :P  I based this design around the movie poster that was released, and decided to change the Avengers "A" to an "M" for Minions :)  I'm pretty pleased with how this turned out - it was tough putting fine details into their uniforms, so I didn't focus too much on those, and focused more on the overall look of the Minions.

Which Avengers Minion is your favorite?? :D  Have a great Monday, everyone!

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  1. Thanks for an honest review! That nail art is soooo cute and detailed! What nail art brushes do you use?

    1. Thank you, Kirby! I don't use any particular brand of brush for my art. Usually, I'll just go to my local hobby store and buy the cheapest/clearance teeny tiny paintbrushes and use those. Much cheaper for me than buying brushes made specifically for polish art :) Artists' Loft and La Cemeille are my go-to brands in my collection currently.