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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Polish Post: Digital Nails Extravaganza & Nail Art

I decided that, since I am showcasing 5 different polishes by the indie brand Digital Nails, but they are not all from one collection, I would spare you a huge title and just call it an extravaganza! :D  Let's get right to it!!

I have made two purchases from Digital Nails so far, and the polishes had been sitting so patiently on my desk, waiting to be swatched.  I decided it was time to do so, since they are so purty and awesome and need to be seen!  The first polish I have to show you is a glittery topcoat called "Sphinx Stinks."

Didn't take too many pictures of this one, since it is so subtle.  I decided to put it on top of the white color I was wearing to add a little sparkle to it.  Sphinx Stinks is a pretty purple/blue glitter topcoat that adds a cute shimmer to any color.  I like that this topcoat did not yellow the white underneath, as many topcoats have in the past that I've dealt with.  The application was very easy and smooth, and the polish dried pretty quick.  I would definitely wait until your solid colored polish is completely dry, or you will get air bubbles (trust me, that happened to me twice with this).  

Next up is the second topper, "Pegasus Poots."

This topcoat is really lovely in person, and looks exactly as I'd expect Pegasus farts to look like.  This polish is packed full of glitter flecks of all sorts of colors.  It appears to be predominantly a pinkish purple, but there are definitely blues and greens at certain angles.  I really loved this topcoat, and will have to try it over a deep purple polish.  Application was the same as Sphinx Stinks.

The third polish came along with my first order as a freebie!  It is called "Showtime, Synergy" - check it out:

This jelly glitter color is so much more stunning in real life than my camera could capture.  Showtime, Synergy is a plum purple jelly packed full of purple, blue, red, and holographic glitters (I'm sure I'm even missing a few colors).  It is a very lovely color and really pops in the sunlight!  I used two coats over white, though on its own, it would be opaque in about 3 coats.  Application was smooth, nothing gooped up or pulled underneath as layers were added, and it dried very quickly.  I added a quick topcoat for extra shine and to really made the glitter sparkle.  I'll definitely be ordering a full-size bottle of this color!

Next up is another glitter called "Dark Matter."

Dark Matter is a gorgeous blurple jelly jam-packed full of glitters!  I am wearing one coat over a dark blue polish in the pictures above.  That's right, ONE COAT and look at all that glitter!!!  Love love love it!!  Easy application, it spread out nicely so there were no spots of clumped glitter.  There's nothing bad I can really say about it, the polish is just awesome!  The only downside is taking the polish off, but every glitter polish is a pain in the toosh to remove.

Last, but most certainly not least, is my favorite of the bunch - "Real Life Mad Scientist," inspired by Nikola Tesla.  I'll explain the polish to you before the pictures, so you know what you're looking at below.  This polish is a thermal that is white as snow when it is warm/heated, and various shades of blue when it is cold.  I decided to paint a design of a Tesla coil as an homage to him, because the scientist is just awesome.  I highly recommend looking him up if you are unfamiliar with this amazing scientist.

This polish is not only a thermal, it is also glow in the dark!  I recently discovered (when I was taking the pictures) that it can be two different glow in the dark colors, depending on its temperature!  Funny story - I kind of forgot it was glow in the dark when I purchased it, and only realized it as I was putting my kids down for their nap, and freaked out at this glowing green thing attached to my fingertips :P  Anywho, the polish will glow green when the polish is in its warm state, but blue when it is colder.  SO COOL!!  Check out some photos below:

This is what the nails looked like after I dunked the tips in ice cold water:

AWESOME, right?!!  Application was great, took 3 coats for complete opacity and each went on smoothly, and dried in seconds to a matte finish.  There is glitter and silver flakies to the polish that can really only be seen when you add a topcoat.  The only negative thing I could find about the polish is that it chips pretty easily when you wear it on its own with no base or topcoat.  Now, this could be different for everyone - I have ridiculously smooth nails naturally, which could very well contribute to the polish not sticking very well to my nails and chipping.  Just keep it in mind :)

And there you have it!  Lots of great polishes from another great indie maker!  Her shop is currently on vacation mode, but it looks like she will be back for a short period on the 25th of this month.  You can sign up for an email alert when her shop is open (you won't get spammed with a ton of emails, JUST the one letting you know when she's open again).  Here are some links for you to keep posted:

Facebook:  Here

Etsy Shop: Here

Instagram: Here

Hope you enjoyed this post!  Keep an eye out for Monday's post - I'll be doing Avengers Minions for the You-Pick-My-Art theme this week :D  Have a wonderful weekend!

*Note: Links I provide are NOT affiliate (i.e. I do not get a kickback when you click a link through my blog).  I simply provide them for your convenience :)

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