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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Polish Post: Celestial Cosmetics "Tantrum," "Adrenalin," and "Meteoroid" Swatches and Review

Ever have those mornings when you just can't seem to get your eyes to want to stay open fully, so they stay half closed for a good few hours until the coffee kicks in?  It's not fun.  My coffee can totally kick in any time now -_-

While I'm waiting to fully wake up, I'll show you three beautiful polishes from the indie brand Celestial Cosmetics.  The first is from their new "Electric You" collection, and it is called "Tantrum."



Tantrum is a very bright neon coral orange with a holographic effect.  It is a blindingly vibrant color that most assuredly stands out in and outside.  It is on the thinner side of polishes, and took 4 coats to become completely opaque for me.  Because it is thinner, do not have too much polish on the brush during application, or it will flood the cuticles.  The polish dried to a shine, as you can see in the photos above (I did not use a topcoat).  It dried fairly quickly, but was more sensitive to pressure with each additional coat of polish (I don't know of many polishes that AREN'T this way).  Overall it is a perfect summer polish!

Next up is another from the Electric You collection - "Adrenalin."



Adrenalin was a polish I wanted immediately after I saw a picture of it online because it is such a beautiful color!  It is a keylime green neon with a light holographic shimmer in the sun.  The color really pops without being too in-your-face, as a lot of neons can be.  Application was identical to Tantrum, and also took 4 coats for opacity.  Another good summer color, for sure!

Last up is called "Meteoroid:"



Meteoroid is described by the company as a duochrome with a linear holographic shimmer.  The color seems to shift from a dark olive green to a dark grey, however it is very subtle, and the colors aren't too contrasting to each other, so you can't really notice the duochrome much in this particular polish.  The holographic effect is also very strong, and may be overpowering the duochrome shift a bit.  Application is the same as the other two, however this polish did not dry as shiny (as you can see in the photos).  Dried a bit faster, as well, and was not as pressure-sensitive as the other two.  

I really like the polish, especially how colorful it is in the sunlight, but I would take the description online with a grain of salt.  The site does state there are slight variations between batches, so perhaps there is another batch out there that is more duechrome-y than the one I got :P  

I really like this brand, and was very excited to try it after seeing their Electric You polishes!  There is a blue and pink color as well in that collection that you may like.  If they are anything like the two I have, they'll be AMAZING :)

Celestial Cosmetics hails from Australia, but they do provide a list of their international distributors on their website (how nice of them!).  Here are some links for you:

Facebook: Here

Website: Here

Instagram: Here

That's all for today!  Hope you all have a great one, and a happy Friday  Don't forget to stop by my Facebook Page tomorrow to vote in the next You-Pick-My-Art! :D

*Note: Links I provide are not affiliate (i.e. I do not get a kickback when you click on a link through my post).  I simply provide them for your convenience :)

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