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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Polish Post: Colors by Llarowe "Show Me Da' Money!" Swatches

Hump day!!!  W00T!  Halfway to the weekend!

How about some swatches of a new polish from Colors by Llarowe?  They recently released two collections called "Show Me" and "Emily's Imagination."  The polish I'm showing you today is called Show Me Da' Money! from the "Show Me" collection.  Take a look:



Show Me Da' Money! has so many different shades to it at different angles that it was impossible for me to capture them all!  This polish is metallic, opaque after 1 coat, though I suggest putting on 2 because it can be streaky, and 2 coats seems to even it out nicely.  Along with the glorious metallic shine is a subtle holo shimmer that really makes the polish sparkle in the sunlight.  I love that the holo doesn't really stand out when you are indoors, because the metallic tones are so beautiful that I feel the holo would almost take away from that and would become too busy, if that makes sense.  Overall it's a fantastic color!

There are 4 polishes in this collection, and I'm probably going to buy the other 3 based on how well this one worked out :)  Metallics can be tricky, and also have the tendency (in my experience) to chip easily, so I only ordered this one to make sure the formula was solid.

That's it for today!  Keeping it short and sweet because it is laundry day here in the Harrold Household, and the pile is so high it has its own climate.  See you tomorrow! <3

*NOTE: links I provide are not affiliate (a.k.a. there is no kickback for me).  I simply add them to my posts to make it easier for you to go directly to the site/polish to browse and/or purchase items I review independently :)

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