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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Polish Post: Indigo Bananas "Reign" and "Rainbow in the Dark" Swatches and Review

It is *finally* the weekend!  Dunno about you all, but I am so happy it is here.  My household could use some TLC, as well as my yard.  Pretty sure my rosebushes in the front kicked it.  They don't appreciate this 108 degree weather - and frankly, neither do I >.<  The end of monsoon season cannot come soon enough!!

Let's talk about something cooler, like two of the awesome polishes from Indigo Bananas's Summer Rains collection!  The first of the two I am featuring today is called "Reign." Check it out:

Outdoors in Direct Sunlight

Indoors Out of Sunlight

Reign is a deep garnet red with iridescent flakies that shift from orange to red to green.  Since it is more like a crelly, it takes more coats to bring it to full opacity.  I am wearing 3 in the photos, and at certain angles you can still see the whites in my nails.  I'd say 4 ought to do it, or 2 coats over a solid color base.  The application was really smooth and the flakies do not add any sort of texture, which is really nice.  Another feature I wanted to point out is that this color did not stain my nail.  In the past, reds/maroons and I do not get along so well in the staining department, so it was really refreshing to see this one was kind to my nails :)  The flakies were not a hassle to remove, either, which is usually not the case with glitters and the likes.  This polish is pretty fantastic all around!

The second color I have from this collection is "Rainbow in the Dark," and its name couldn't be more fitting!  Take a look:

Outdoors in Direct Sunlight

Indoors Out of Sunlight

I love love LOVE this color!!!  It is so eye-catching in the sunlight!!  Rainbow in the Dark is (according to the website) a black base with red and green multichrome flakies and a linear holographic finish.  In other words, it's gorgeous!  Absolutely stunning.  I was sad to take it off :(  The application was just as smooth as Reign, and it would take about the same amount of coats to achieve opacity.  Again, I am wearing 3 coats in the pictures.  Lovely, lovely polish.

I am very pleased with these two polishes, and am confident you would be, too!  Here are some websites for you of where you can link up to and purchase from the company, Indigo Bananas:

Facebook Page: Here
Instagram: Here
Website: Here

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!!  Thanks for spending part of it with me :D  See you all Monday <3

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