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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Polish Post: Colors by Llarowe "Alternate Universe" + Nail Art

Well good morning/afternoon/evening to you!  Please forgive my absence - my computer decided it wanted to die randomly while I was in the middle of tasks, so I am now on my husband's computer until we can get me a new one.  Oy vey!!

Let's get back in the game with a polish post!  Earlier this week I posted a preview pic on my Facebook Page of a swatch of "Alternate Universe," part of the summer 2014 collection by Colors by Llarowe.  I've got some more pictures for you here, as well as a review, and something artsy :D  Check out the swatches below:

Outdoors in Direct Sunlight

Indoors Out Of Direct Sunlight

"Alternate Universe" is a gorgeous turquoise crelly with a green/gold shimmer in the sunlight.  It is a stunning color!  Because it is a crelly, it a bit thinner in shade and would take about 3-4 coats to be fully opaque, or you could put on a solid color as a base and paint Alternate Universe over that color.  I used 3 coats in the pictures above.  The application was super smooth, and surprisingly not thick at all considering it is a crelly base.  Dried very quickly and lasted a good 3 days before the tips of my nails started to wear.  Overall, it's a great polish!!  

The color reminded me of an ocean hue, so I was inspired to paint a sea turtle over it.  What I had in my head did not end up on my nails, though apparently it is a huge hit with the nail community!  It is my most popular and most liked photo yet, and has even earned itself a spotlight on an awesome Facebook page called You Nail'd It - another reason I also have to be thankful that I recently gained 50 followers (hello and welcome to you all!!!)  So without further ado, here is a better quality photo of the turtle!

I have affectionately called him my Turtalien because his face reminds me of an alien, not a sea turtle (couldn't quite get that nose definition right for the life of me!)  I spent the length of the movie Without A Paddle (about an hour and a half) painting this little guy.  This is the second time I have painted over my nails with acrylic paint, and each time I do it, I am happier with the results and am inspired with so many more designs!

So, in light of my acrylic revelations of late, I have decided to do more nail art!!  I will still do polish posts reviewing and swatching colors from various indie polish companies, but I will insert some fun nail art designs here and there, too :)  Keep watch on my Facebook page!  I will be holding a You-Pick-The-Art every Friday, where I will put up 3 different inspiration photos, and whichever gets the most "likes" is what I will use to come up with a nail design :D  First one is next week!

That is all for now!  I will have another post for you tomorrow, and a possible giveaway announcement since I am 2 likes away from 100 on my Facebook page!  Have a great Thursday <3