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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Polish Post: MTK Design UNRELEASED Polish with Swatches and Review


If you are reading this, then you survived Monday!  Congratulations!  Now you have 6 days to prepare for the next one ;)

Writing up a shorter blog post today.  It is my mother's birthday and I have lots to do before celebrating tonight ^_^  So let's get right on to the polish!

There is a new indie polish company called MTK Design, and they have the prettiest colors in production!  She recently sent minis of her current collection to bloggers/IGers/swatchers for testing and/or reviewing.  I am one of those lucky people, and I got to choose which color!  I chose an adorable pink, mostly because I don't usually dabble with pink and also because it was a really pretty shade.  Take a look at the pictures below:



This polish color is unnamed so far, and known only to me as "#15."  Well let me tell you, #15 is a pretty little number!  It is a light rosy pink with a pearly sheen to it.  It is on the thicker side of polishes, but not so thick that it is a pain to applicate.  The color is opaque after about 3 coats, and dries very quickly to a semi-satin finish.  I am wearing Digital Nails' "Ain't Nobody Got Time For That" topcoat in the photos.  

It is a darling polish, and definitely a new favorite pink of mine :)  Here are some links for you to keep up to date with her polish releases:

Facebook: Here

Etsy: Here

Instagram: And Here

Check her out, give her some Facebook "like" love and an IG follow :)

That's all for today!  Going to work on some more art for you in the next day or two.  To give you a hint: it will be way more amazing then the pathetic movie re-make that just released ;)  See you soon <3


  1. MTK Design: Thanks to Shawna for reviewing. She was even influential in the name. Proudly; Every Little Girl's Dream' is not available for purchase. Hopes it's ok for me ti post this. :)

    1. Totally okay!! But I think you meant to say it is NOW available for purchase ;)