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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Toesies I Knowsies - Colors by Llarowe Summer Polishes

It's the second official Toesie Tuesday!  Today, I have a pedicure I did last week using 5 of the colors from the summer 2014 Colors by Llarowe collection.  Please excuse the crappy cell phone pic - I forgot to take a better one with my nice camera before getting my birthday pedicure with my mom :P

From left to right, we have "Independence Day," "Surf My Wave," "Soccer Mom," "Chillin' In Paradise," and "!"  I had the idea to do a type of gradient on my toes when I was looking at all the colors I ordered, most of which turned out to be blues and greens :)  I love how smoothly these colors went on, and how long they lasted!!  This picture was taken a little over a week after I applied the polish.  GREAT wear time on the toes.  And the ultra holos of Surf My Wave and Chillin' In Paradise were stunning, as well as the glittery goodness of the other three.  Love these colors, and actually got a few complements from people who were unabashed to complement feet :P

Keeping this post short and sweet today - I have lots of chores to catch up on after taking the weekend to relax for my birthday.  I will tell you, though, that tomorrow's post is going to be epic.  I really mean it - freakin' EPIC.  You had best keep an eye out for it, especially if you are a Harry Potter fan ;)


  1. This should not be Taboo. Especially here in AZ where are toes are free to be seen almost all year round. Very cute color array!

    1. Right??? Piggies need lovin too!! Glad you like them :)