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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Polish Post: Emerald & Ash PRE-RELEASE Summer 2014 Colors!


Happy Sunday!  Tomorrow is the most hated day of the week, so let's end your weekend on a super high note, and maybe bypass that Monday morning yuck :)

Today I'm featuring polishes from the indie company Emerald & Ash.  They have a summer lineup of some amazing polishes!  The name they have chosen for their summer collection is "Life in Color," and boy does that title suit it well.  Here is what the company has to say about it, "The 14 polishes in Life in Color were created because we absolutely love color and sometimes the colors we wanted to make just didn't fit into a collection. This was our chance to play and make things we've been thinking of for the past year, as well as allowing us to to play with different finishes we haven’t used before. Seeing as this was our chance to play with color, we decided to take this opportunity to give names to the polish that make us laugh while mixing in some that have personal meaning to us."

Once you see the other colors as they are released, and their accompanying names, you will most assuredly laugh your arse off, and probably add every color to your shopping cart - hubby doesn't need to know you splurged, right? ;)

Emerald & Ash sent me three polishes from their collection to swatch and review, along with a sample size of their cuticle oil in their scent of the month - Fresh Cut Grass. You know, normally, I do not care for the smell of fresh cut grass, mostly because the real deal makes me sneeze like nobody's business. However, this company has somehow managed to make an oil that smells like fresh cut grass without having that tangy after-scent. It smells clean, like someone gave their lawn a bath before mowing. It's incredible, and I actually really like it, and the way it makes my skin feel around my nails :) I wore the oil in each photo I took of the polishes.

The first polish I swatched is called "Bees?"

This polish is one loud and proud neon yellow that has a subtle holo shimmer in direct sunlight, and a purple shimmer indoors.  My camera was pretty much unable to capture neither the holo nor the shimmer due to the awesome power of the neon :P  You will just have to take my word on it!  In the pictures, I have 2 coats of Bees? over a coat of solid white.  I feel the white made the color stand out better, though 3 coats on its own will bring it to opacity without any sort of base color, too.  It is a thicker polish, though it did not get goopy or lumpy at all during application.  The polish is just perfect for summer!

Next up is "Sunshower" :

This color was my husband's favorite of the three :)  Sunshower is a grey crelly with a beautiful blue shimmer in the sunlight and colorful sparkles both inside and outside.  It is also a thicker polish, but again the application was smooth and easy.  Three coats brought it to full opacity for me.  This is a great polish if you're looking for a more subtle summer color :)  Very pretty!

And last, but certainly not least, is my absolute favorite of the three - "Snozzberries" :

This polish will no doubt catch any and everyone's eye!  It is a STUNNER!  Snozzberries is a blurple jelly packed full of glitters!!  There are teal square glitters with red and purple micro glitters.  In the sunlight, it is very distracting.  You might want to wear gloves if you're driving while wearing this color.  This polish is opaque at 2 coats if you apply it thickly.  I am wearing 3 coats in my photos, admittedly because I wanted even more sparkles, and I just couldn't stop myself at 2 ^_^

You can catch even more swatch previews on the Emerald & Ash Facebook Page as well as their Instagram account.  The company will be launching their summer lineup on July 10th at 9am MDT.  Mark your calendar and set the alarm on your phone!! You definitely don't want to miss this ;)


  1. I love the Blue. It reminds me of the blue outfits Regina on "Once Upon a Time" wears. The blue nail polish would really compliment her

    1. You are absolutely right! She'd wear it well :)

  2. Love the Sunshower. That color is amazing. So mature while still being super fun. Love!

    - mtk.

    1. It really is and looks so much better in person! Wish my camera could have caught all of Sunshower's glory :D