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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Marbles for Polish!

It is a very grey, overcast day here in Phoenix, which is actually a welcome relief from the blazing hot sun we usually have right now.  However, it is a nail polish blogger's nightmare when she/he plans to take pictures and do a polish post, but cannot take pictures outside that will represent the color/effect :(  So I'll give you a short and sweet "filler post" until I can give you a better one tomorrow! :D

Over the weekend I entered a nail art contest by the indie brand Marbles For Polish.  The theme was Marbles (shocker I know :P )!  Now there is a specific type of design called a water marble that is very popular in the nail art community.  It is done by dripping small drops of nail polish in a cup of water, letting the polish spread out, then taking a toothpick and swirling the colors around in a marbled-like pattern.  You then dip your finger onto the design and clean up all the mess around your fingernail.  Et voila!  A water marble pattern.  I have tried this style about 6 different times all with a disastrous outcome, so I'm afraid I have no pictures of mine to show you of that design.  However if you do a google image search for "water marble nails," you'll see what I'm taking about.

Anywho, since I cannot do a water marble for the life of me, I took the theme literally, and painted a game of marbles onto my nails :)  My brother and I used to play when we were little, and I remember he had two sets - one with clear marbles that had swirls of colors, and one that was a pale blue with swirls of colors - and I had one set of solid white marbles with yellow, red, and dark blue swirls.  I used those as inspiration for the nail art.  Here's a picture of the final product:

I am pleased to say that I won!  There was a 1st place prize and two runner-up prizes.  There were a LOT of other really amazing water marble entries - I really was sure I wasn't going to win.  I am still pretty shocked!  I need to work on my confidence with my nail art :P

That's all for today's post!  Short and sweet :)  Don't forget to enter my Giveaway if you haven't already!  There are just over 4 days left, and only 24 entries so far!  

Have a great day, all! <3


  1. I love those; I see why you won :) My first indie polish was from Marbles for Polish, I really like her polish. How did you get the marbled look on just the marbles? I wanted to enter the giveaway but I felt I was no where near that level of nail artist lol.

    1. Thank you! You are sweet :) I hand painted each marble using acrylic paint. To achieve the "marbled" look , I painted swirls on each marble in each color. I dampened the brush first so the colors would not apply too sharply and wouldn't be too defined , if that makes sense. :)