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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Polish Post: Reverie Nail Lacquer "Orchid" and "Mermaid Scales" Swatches and Review

So it's Hump Day (every time I say that phrase in my head it sounds like that obnoxious camel from the Geico commercial).  I am currently running on a total of 10 hours of sleep over the past two nights.  Pretty sure my young ones are trying to kill me.  Either that, or they are just going through a phase of which they will grow out...eventually.

I dunno...sure feels like they're trying to kill me.  Obviously, I need more coffee.

Before I go get my fourth cup, let me show you some pictures of two polishes by the indie company Reverie Nail Lacquer (formerly known as Two Gypsies).  The first is called "Orchid:"

Outdoors in Direct Sunlight

Indoors Out of Direct Sunlight

Orchid is such a lovely purple/pink shade with a golden sheen at certain angles, and a pretty, subtle holo in the sunlight.  It is a beautiful, gentle color that applied very smoothly and dried fairly quickly.  It is very thin, and would take close to 4-5 coats to be completely opaque.  I am wearing 3 in the photos above.  The wear is great, as well, as I had it on for 3 days and after two toddler baths, watering plants outside, and various house chores the polish never chipped or wore off.  I love a tough polish!  

The second color is my favorite of the two I ordered, and it is called "Mermaid Scales."  Check it out:

Outdoors in Direct Sunlight

Indoors Out of Sunlight

Mermaid Scales is sooooo much more sparkly than any of my photos could capture.  I am seriously blown away by how much sparkle punch this polish packs (ooh, check out that alliteration!).  All sorts of iridescent colors and holo glitters pop in the sunlight, and out of sunlight, there are so many different shades and blue hues, and one particular blue sparkle that really stands out.  It is just a gorgeous glitter polish!!  Mermaid Scales is pretty thick, so I would suggest layering it out in thin layers rather than slathering it on, because you will be waiting forever for your nails to dry.  I am wearing 3 thin coats over Orchid, and I am pleased with that amount of sparkle.  Wear time was the same for this polish as it was for Orchid, which is impressive since most glitters I've dealt with start to chip off in chunks after about a day.  That could very well be a possibility with this polish, however, if you wear it on its own - since I have it over another polish, I can't tell you for sure it won't chip.  Just keep that in mind :)

All in all these polishes are great, and I have found another fantastic indie company to support ^_^  Here are some links for you so you can enjoy their product, too!

Facebook: Right Here

Etsy: Pick Me!

Instagram: Me, Too!

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Hope you all have a great Wednesday!!  :D

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