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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Polish Post: ILNP "Princess Diaries," "Grapalicious," and "Washing Ashore" Pics and Review

A bit late in posting this, but I've been spending the morning with my kids :)  When they want to actually play or read, and not just jump on and run into me, it's a rare occasion and I take full advantage :D

Today's post is a bit of a tease for you.  A few weeks ago, the brand I Love Nail Polish had a sale on their clearance section, most of which were colors they were discontinuing.  Three of those colors I will be showing you today, and while they may be discontinued and out of stock, they have so many colors on their site that you can easily find one that is very, very close to them.  In fact, I have already done that for you, and will provide links with each polish :)  First up, "Princess Diaries:"



I love how Victorian "Princess Diaries" is on its own - that is actually what drew me to the polish originally.  The rose color is very ladylike, and I really like that it shows up brilliantly in the sun with it's holographic effect.  Application was perfect, as it has always been with all ILNP polishes I have used, and this color was opaque after 2 coats.  It dries with a gloss, though I added a topcoat in the photos above.  So, if you like this color, Cutie Pop is a good substitute.  It is not as rosy, and is a leans a little more pink, but it is very close.

Next up is "Grapalicious:"



"Grapalicious is my absolute favorite of the three DC colors I bought.  It's that perfect blurple color with an amazing holo in the sunlight.  Absolutely gorgeous!!  Same application as Princess Diaries, and I did NOT add a topcoat in the pictures above so I could show you how glossy it is on its own.  A good substitute for Grapalicious would be Purple Plasma.  Purple Plasma has no blue, but it is sooooo close to this one, and is just as stunning in the holographic effect - I know because I own Purple Plasma, too :P  

Last up is "Washing Ashore:"



Washing Ashore is one of those colors I ordered that looks NOTHING like the photo on the website.  Now I had read the reviews, and some of them stated it looked different from the photo, but I wanted to order it anyway, anticipating it would be slightly different, but knowing it would still be beautiful.  And it is!  It is a really pretty color!  But looks absolutely nothing like the photo, at all.  I have to wonder if part of the reason it is a DC is because of a bad batch of formula that screwed up the polish.  Who knows.  Luckily, I like the color, but now I know next time that if a review says it doesn't look like the photo, then it REALLY won't look like it at all. 

As far as specifics, the application was great, and the polish dried really quickly!  Opaque after 2 coats, dried to a semi-satin finish, so I added a topcoat to bring out the metallic shine.  A great dupe for this would be Reminisce, another polish I own, and would be the multichrome that Washing Ashore was supposed to be.

ILNP is a great brand overall, and this is the second time I'm reviewing their polishes (on my own, not asked by the company), because I feel they are good enough to shed the spotlight on.  Just keep in mind that the photos on their website may not hold true to their actual color.  If you want to know what it looks like off the site, go to google image search, and look at swatches of the color.  You will get a much better idea of what the polish really looks like.

Here are some links for you where you can find ILNP products and keep up to date with the company:

Facebook: Here

Website: Here

Instagram: Here

That's all for today!!  Going to spend some time working on some awesome nails to show you on Friday :)  Happy Hump Day!  See you soon <3

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