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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Challenge Your Nail Art: The Woods

Went on another lovely hike this morning with my brother this morning :)  Of all the things to find on the mountain, he found - a seashell...  Not a bead, either, because there were no holes - an actual seashell filled with dried mud.


Anyway!  Today is the next Challenge Your Nail Art prompt for Winnie The Pooh say tomorrow, and the theme is "The Woods."

So, I brainstormed a number of ideas for this theme, but there was one image that stuck out in my mind that I remember from one of the books.  It wasn't exactly "woods" but it was a path Pooh and Christopher Robin were walking along that was lined with trees, and one big, giant tree.  I decided to paint that image :)  Here's what I came up with:

The nitpicker in me can't look at this too long because are a number of little mess-ups I can't look past >.<  Artists - we are our own worst critics :P

I love this image because it is so very endearing, thus why I wanted to paint it.  I loved the sweet relationship between the two, and I love the after-school ruddy-uniform attire of Christopher Robin, with his shirt always untucked and one sock up with the other fallen to his ankle.  It's just so adorable,  and how I remember Winnie the Pooh :)

Be sure to check out the other wonderful designs through the inlinkz below!!  I'll be back tomorrow with the final design - see you soon <3


  1. I love these sentiments. So sweet and that is what I love about this challenge, so many wonderful memories evoked!

    1. Right? I love it!! So glad you do too 💗

  2. This also turned out completely amazing!

  3. This is amazing!!! You have such great talent! I love all the winnie the pooh nail art you have created!

  4. This is incredible and so sweet!

  5. Wow. You have done an absolutely amazing job! We are definitely our own worst critics, this looks perfect to me. *standing ovation*

  6. I wouldn't notice any mess-ups with this. It is adorable!

  7. wow amazing work done. Love this design and the story behind it.

  8. I see perfection through and through! I love the mani and the thought behind it!