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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

*Press Release* : Gothic Gala Lacquers Golden Globe Duo


Hello all!  So sorry for my absence - right as I was getting into something fun with the Untried Challenge (still happening, fyi), I was thrown a lot of crap by life to handle all at once, and fell a bit behind here.  So!  I'm gonna make up for it, now that the dust has settled a bit :D

Instead of another Untried today, I wanted to give you all a first-look at an incredibly beautiful duo created by Gothic Gala Lacquers for the Golden Globes press packets!

 These two polishes are GORGEOUS!!  Let's get right to them, shall we?  First up is "Cashmere:"

Direct Sunlight


Cashmere is a gorgeous, soft grey with flecks of silvery purple and dark blue micro glitter.  It applies very smoothly despite being a little thick, and only took 2 coats to be completely opaque.  The polish dried in under five minutes to a nice shiny finish, though I did apply a clear topcoat in the photos.

The other beauty in this duo is "Pashmina:"

Direct Sunlight


Pashmina is my favorite of the two - and the one I got tons of complements on from my friends in archery!  It is a beautiful royal sapphire blue with tons of shimmer outdoors AND indoors!  This polish applied very smoothly and took 3 coats to achieve opacity (this formula is thinner than Cashmere).  Pashmina also dried in under five minutes to a semi shiny finish, but is shown in the photos with a clear topcoat.  

This duo is absolutely divine!!  It will be available tomorrow on her website!!  Here's the link for her shop, and links for her social media:

Store: Here

Facebook: Here

Facebook Fan Group: Here

Instagram: Here

Twitter: Here

Hope you enjoyed this post!  Keep your eyes out for an Untried post tomorrow!  See you soon <3

*NOTE: These polishes were sent to me for swatch photos by Gothic Gala Lacquers - however, my opinion is in no way swayed by this, and remains 100% honest. 


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  1. I'm in love with Cashmere! Your swatches are wonderful. I love the bottle shape from Gothic Gala Lacquers.