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Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Untried Challenge: La Bella Vernice

Last year before the holidays, the indie polish brand La Bella Vernice decided to close up shop and get rid of the rest of the product.  She was selling off her polishes at uber cheap prices, so I picked up a few bottles :)  I'm going to show you two of those today!

Here is "Harvest:"

Harvest is a lovely reddish magenta/gold duchrome.  It applied nicely, though streaky so I had to be wary of what direction I was applying.  Dried pretty quickly too - always a plus :)  I like it!!

The other polish has an expletive in its title, so apologies for the French - it is "Shitty Smitty:"

Direct Sunlight in its natural matte state

Direct sunlight with a glossy topcoat


I absolutely adore the green of this polish!!!  It dries to a matte finish, which looks beautiful, but you don't see all the holographic glitter in it and the other shines and shimmers unless you add that glossy topcoat.  I love it both ways, and can see myself reaching for this green as my new go-to, especially for St. Paddy's Day!

I did some nail designs with the two polishes together because I loved how they completed each other :D

Now I can cross another two polishes off my untried list!!  :D  What do you think of them?  Do you prefer the matte look or the shiny look of Shitty Smitty?  (Anyone know what that references, if anything?)  

I'll be back tomorrow with one more post to share with you before I head out to ISSE in California this weekend!  See you soon <3


  1. I love the combination of these two polishes, so gorgeous! I really love Harvest, such a lovely color shift!

  2. Great pairing! That green with shiny topcoat though, wow!

  3. That green, wow! So sad to see another maker close up shop, though :(

  4. I really love that green! Both ways were gorgeous, but the matte was my preference

  5. I love these. That green in the shiny version...swoon!

  6. What a unique pairing! I love Shitty Smitty especially the glossy version!

  7. That holo is beautiful but OH MY that duochrome!!

  8. wow gorgeous polishes... and love both of your art..very simple and nice!!

  9. That's a shame that La Bella Vernice closed because these polishes look stunning.