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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

International Salon & Spa Expo

Last weekend I had the privilege of attending the International Salon & Spa Expo as a member of the Press!

I met a LOT of amazing people, one of whom was a fellow nail blogger who you may be familiar with - Shannon of Seriously Nails!!  She is absolutely fantastic, and was such a joy to spend the first day with!  She helped me in so many ways, too - I am very fortunate we crossed paths ^_^

I figured that this week I will most a few separate posts, featuring products I purchased or received from various companies at the show.  I got looooooooots of goodies that I can't wait to show you!!

And I wanted to. of course, also show you the mani I wore for the expo :D

I used "Baptism" by Octopus Party Nail Lacquer for the beautiful white base, and I topped it with "Cold Fusion" by I Love Nail Polish.  I received a lot of comments about Cold Fusion :D

Keeping this post short today, but I'll have a hefty one for you tomorrow!  I hope your week is going well so far - see you soon <3


  1. Now aren't you the sweetest gal! Thank you so much. :)

  2. I was looking for articles on Spa in Dubai and I came across yours inspiring read. Great post!

    1. How funny search results are! Thanks for reading!