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Friday, December 19, 2014

Challenge Your Nail Art: Ugly Christmas Sweater

I finally did it - I finally took the plunge into a culture that's been hot on my tail, begging me to get it on it.  I started watching Dr. Who.  I know some of you are thinking, "What took so long?" while others may be saying, "What is that?"  Well it took me so long because it's not the first genre of show I am pulled towards - I'm more of a Dexter, American Horror Story, Walking Dead kind of person.  However, most of my close friends and family watch Dr. Who and are crazy about it, and reference it frequently.

So, I decided to start watching it - and I gotta say, I'm pretty hooked!  It's a great show!  And it inspired me for this next Challenge Your Nail Art prompt:

Now this prompt is the most difficult one I have had so far, because I have never done anything like it, and from every reference image I could find of ugly sweater nail designs, most were either stamped, or they all had the same images on them.  That just wouldn't do for me, so I went the unconventional route, and did Dr. Who themed ugly sweater nails based off a picture I saw online a few weeks ago!  Check it out:

I'm pretty pleased with it, though it was soooooo hard to do the itty bitty details on the Tardis and the Daleks.  If you're wondering, the bottom of my middle finger is supposed to be a Weeping Angel, and the bottom of my pinky is a Cyberman.  Here's the reference image for the design:

Source Link Here

Can't believe there are only two more designs left in this challenge!  It's been so much fun though, and I'm so happy I was able to participate in it!  Make sure you check out the other fantastic designs below :)  See you soon <3


  1. As I said on IG I would totes wear this sweater! Love love love all the amazing freegand details!

  2. Too pretty and unique! Just won't do. Lol

  3. I would definitely wear this sweater. It is fantastic! (P.S. It's always Doctor Who and not Dr. Who. #ImAnObsessedFan #CrazyFanatic)