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Thursday, December 18, 2014

*Press Release (Part 1):* KBShimmer "Men are from Mars-ala"

I bet I surprise you (in a good way) when I do two posts in one day - but what can I say?  When I'm excited about something, I post about it as soon as I can :D

KBShimmer is a brand I have always wanted to try, because I constantly hear nothing but good things about their nail polish.  So when I was contacted about receiving sample of the new polish "Men are from Mars-ala" - created after Pantone's Color of the Year "Marsala"- I didn't hesitate to say YES PLEASE!!

Here's a little more about the upcoming polish, straight from the company:

Celebrate the New Year and Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year with KBShimmer! “Men are from Mars-ala” is an earthy, red-brown shade that will make a fresh new addition to any neutral nail palette. Worn outdoors or in bright light, Men are from Mars-ala features a linear holographic and when indoors, this shade is rich and warm – just like a glass of Marsala wine should be!
Men are from Mars-ala’s luxurious formula applies like a dream and dries to a shiny, holographic finish. Wear it with a matte top coat for an ultra-modern look or a high-shine one for something a little more classic. Just make sure you don’t get caught without this year’s Color of the Year!

I'm so excited to receive this sample, not just because it will be my first KBShimmer, but because the color is divine!!  I normally go for more jewel-toned polishes (if you haven't noticed:P ), but sometimes there a more neutral shade that I find is very beautiful - and this is one of those times!

This new polish will release January 1st, 2015 (what a great way to ring in the New Year!) at !  Keep your eye out for Part 2 of this press release - that'll be the polish post with tons of drool-worthy pictures :D

See you soon! <3

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