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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Challenge Your Nail Art: Glitter

Pretty sure it's safe to say that anything glitter is a huge hit in the nail community :D  I have yet to come across someone who DOESN'T like glitter.  You can imagine, then, the excitement from all the ladies in this nail art group who saw today's theme:

I am surprised the universe hasn't exploded yet from this prompt :P  I was pretty excited for it - so much so that I have *2* designs to show you! In the first design, I used my polish from the Festive Fortification Box and created a twist on the traditional candy cane nail design:

I used nail tape to make the smooth lines - I couldn't freehand that accurately straight to save my life :P  While this design has gorgeous glitter polish, it just was glittery enough for me.  So, I came up with this design:

I used a silver polish for the base coat and topped it with "Guys and Galaxies" by Nicole by O.P.I.  I then used my O.P.I. sheer tints and layered them to make the green color over the glitter (about two coats of the blue tint and two of the yellow tint on top).  I freehanded the red swirls using a red glitter art polish by Salon Perfect.  And there you have it!

The biggest aggravation with glitter polish (aside from trying to remove it) is trying to photograph is AND capture all its sparkle.  The fact is, it just won't happen.  My second mani is soooooooooo sparkly, and I just couldn't convey that through my pictures.  So I guess you'll just have to trust me ;)

Hope you enjoyed this design!  Be sure to check out the other glittery goodness through the links below!  See you soon <3


  1. That second look is stunning! (Well, the first look is too, but I really like the second look!)

  2. They're both lovely, but the second one is definitely a winner. So lush!