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Friday, December 26, 2014

Polish Post: Model City Polish Winter Collection

I hope you all had a fantabulous Christmas (if you celebrate it)!  Mine was pretty good - had family over for breakfast and my kids got lots of great prezzies this year, including a proper swing set!!  I broke a nail wrapping gifts, though, which totally sucks!  But eh, at least it will grow back :)  I hope you all will be okay with nubbies for the next few posts!

Today I wanted to show you the 5 new polishes Model City Polish released for her winter collection.  We'll start with my absolute favorite of the bunch - Arctic Sea:



Arctic Sea is a gorgeous medium blue with a striking holographic effect in the sunlight!  It almost seems a bit metallic when indoors, too.  It applies very smoothly, is opaque in about three thin coats, and dries in under five minutes to a lovely shiny finish.  It is absolutely the PERFECT blue!!!

Next is Christmas with a Chance of Snow:


Christmas with a Chance of Snow is a fun red, green, and white glitter bomb topper with various sizes of each color.  It is very densely packed, so if you wanted to wear it alone, as I have in the pictures above, three thin coats ought to do it.  I am wearing two thick coats above, and it is nearly opaque!  This polish takes just a bit longer to dry since it is thicker (to keep the glitter suspended and not falling to the bottom of the bottle), and dries to a semi textured finish.  I added a thick coat of HK Girl Glisten & Glow topcoat for a nice shine :)  This glitter also catches the sun and sparkles so much more than my camera could manage to capture!

Next up is Evergreen:


Evergreen is a lovely green color with a scattered holographic shimmer in the sunlight.  This polish also applied so very smoothly, opaque in three thin coats, and dried in under five minutes.  I'm a sucker for greens, and this one is definitely in my top favorites - it is so beautiful!

Here is another fun glitter topper - Winter Wonderland:



Winter Wonderland is a beautiful glitter polish full of various sized round glitters, bar glitters, triangles, and of course - snowflakes!  There is also a scattered micro holographic shimmer to it that really makes it pop when outdoors.  I am wearing two coats alone in the photos above with a topcoat to smooth it out (may take two layers of topcoat due to the size of the snowflakes.  This glitter is also thicker to apply (again, so the glitter don't sink to the bottom), and takes just a bit longer than 5 minutes to dry, depending on how many layers to have on.

And last but not least is Winterberry:


Winterberry is a very cheerful red jelly polish with a scattered holographic shimmer.  This is the perfect Christmas red - reminds me of the color of Santa's coat ^_^  This red is very sparkly, and is a bit deeper in color indoors.  Application was smooth and the polish was dry in under five minutes to a shiny finish.  I am wearing three thin coats in the pictures, and you can still see a bit of my nail line, so it may take either thicker coats, or one more thin coat for the polish to be completely opaque.  

Overall these are really beautiful polishes, and a great Winter collection!!  I love that the solid colors can be worn year-round, too!  I can easily see wearing Winterberry for Valentine's Day, Evergreen for St. Patty's Day, and Arctic Sea for a nice Easter blue :)

Here are some links for you:

Shop: Here

Facebook: Here

Facebook Fan Group: Here

Instagram: Here

She's having a year-end sale of 35% off right now, so this is the *perfect* opportunity to pick these lovelies up!!  The discount code is YEAREND :)

I hope you enjoyed this post!  See you soon <3

*Note: Links in my post are NOT affiliate (i.e. I get no kick back when you click on them through my blog).  I simply provide them for your convenience :)

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